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Redefining Cost Structures for Dental Practices

Synergy Dental Partners – better known as “Synergy” – is a group purchasing organization co-founded in 2010 by Richard Offutt, DDS, MS, and Mustafa Shah-Khan, DDS, for independent dental practices. The idea was originated during the recession when the co-founders recognized that smaller operators struggled to remain profitable in the sluggish economy. Today, Synergy remains committed to representing the interests of and reflecting the voice of the independent dental practices to suppliers. In just over two years, Synergy has saved its members approximately one million dollars by negotiating discounts in the dental field.

The Concept

There are more than 130,000 independent dental practices in the United States, and Synergy is modeled on the idea that these smaller operators can maintain their independent practice and leverage their combined purchasing power to achieve pricing standards similar to what larger group dental practices obtain from suppliers. The Synergy team structures cost savings agreements with dental suppliers on behalf of the independent practice. This approach helps the independent practice improve its margins when better pricing might not otherwise be available.

Why It Works

Synergy is owned and operated by two dental practitioners who, combined, have nearly 40 years’ experience operating independent dental practices. The company leverages the buying power of its members to negotiate discounts with dental suppliers across the country. Members subsequently have peace of mind knowing that Synergy is helping them procure supplies as profitably as possible.

How It Works

Synergy is not a third-party distributor and does not inventory or ship dental supplies. The company negotiates contracts with suppliers so that its members can pay the same or less than what larger group practices pay for the same supplies. Synergy establishes discounts with selected dental partners. Members order through Synergy’s dental supply partners; the supplier ships the products and invoices the Synergy member at the discounted Synergy rate. There is no middleman, and members work directly with Synergy’s selected dental supply partners.

Synergy Dental Partners

  1. Synergy chooses a single supplier for each product or service to better manage supplier performance and establish clear accountability. Synergy’s established partners include:
  2. Darby Dental Supply – distributor of more than 90,000 dental supply products (average savings of 17 percent).
  3. KOMET USA – recognized worldwide in the production of highly specialized, precise dental rotary instruments (offering savings up to 60 percent).
  4. BioHorizons – dental implant products.
  5. Philips Sonicare – rechargeable toothbrushes (average savings 17 percent).

Other partners include: Orascoptic, Dental Card Services and Live Oak Bank.

Average Savings

Synergy members, on average, save between 17 and 60 percent on dental supplies when they purchase from Synergy’s dental supply partners. Synergy also negotiates special promotions with its suppliers during the year to benefit its members.

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Synergy Members

Membership in Synergy is available to licensed dental practitioners for free and discounts on dental supplies are offered at no additional cost and with no required contract.

For more information, call 888-810-2995 or visit www.thesynergydentalpartners.com.

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