Rebate Partners

Synergy has entered into specific partnerships with certain manufactures that allows cash back savings to our doctors through the Synergy rebate program. Based on specific program and manufacturer criteria, Synergy pays our members an annual cash rebate for qualifying purchases through our rebate partners. Since each manufacturer has a slightly different program, details can be found by clicking on the specific manufacturer below.

NSK Dental Logo

Our partnership with a leading handpick company – NSK Dental – creates Synergy-specific promotions on NSK products, as well as the opportunity to earn a rebate on authorized NSK purchases.

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Crosstex Logo

Our rebate program with Crosstex – one of the world’s leading infection prevention and control entities – allows members to receive promotions on Crosstex products, as well as the opportunity to earn a rebate on authorized Crosstex purchases.

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3M Oral Care Logo

We all use 3M in our practices which is why we have created a Growth Rebate Program with 3M that allows Synergy members  the opportunity to earn rebate dollars and save through quarterly promotions on the many items we all use everyday.

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Our partnership with Zest Dental Solutions provides our members savings on Zest products including quarterly promotions, as well as the opportunity to earn a rebate on authorized Zest purchases.

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How to Participate

To qualify for Synergy’s rebate program, you must be a member of Synergy Dental Partners.

Once you have joined Synergy, you can enroll in our rebate program. There are 2 open enrollment periods, January and July. If you do not enroll in January, you are not eligible to enroll until July. If you have multiple offices, you must submit an enrollment form for each location. If you register in January, you do not have to enroll again in July unless you have moved practices or acquired new locations that were not registered during the first enrollment period. You must, however, re-enroll the following January. You must achieve at least a $15 rebate in order to receive a rebate check.

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