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Synergy Preferred Brands

In December 2016, we launched Synergy Preferred Brands, a program where Synergy negotiated directly with leading manufacturers to provide unbeatable pricing on premium quality dental supplies.

Over the last several months, we have been working closely with many of our existing Preferred Brands Program partners – 3M Oral Care, Septodont, Microflex, Medicom, Sultan Healthcare and Crostex – to make a few changes to our current programming.  Plus, we’re chatting with a few new potential partners as well.

Our programs with Septodont, Microflex, Medicom, Sultan Healthcare and Crostex remain the same – we’ve negotiated directly with these manufacturers to get our members additional savings on the products they purchase. You must purchase through Darby Dental Supply to secure the discounts.

For information about our new SPB program with 3M Oral Care, please click here.

Stay turned for more exciting changes to be announced on this page about our SPB partners.

Synergy Preferred Brands is a game changer for independent dental practitioners. We are committed to helping preserve the independent dental practitioner and are very excited about this program. We hope you are too.

** To participate, you must be a member of Synergy. Join here. **