The Power of Together

Synergy Dental Partners is a group purchasing organization (GPO) to help independent dental practice owners save money on the services, products and supplies they use daily.

Synergy began as a group of dentists looking for a better way to get high-quality supplies and services at more favorable pricing. As dentists ourselves, we understand how fragmented the industry is. It’s one in which independent practitioners don’t enjoy the same cost savings and pricing as larger practices or dental service organizations (DSOs).

Synergy Partners

At Synergy, we believe that everything is easier with a partner. When we come together, we multiply our purchasing power. Smaller sole practitioners can get the same access to low-priced dental supplies while keeping their practices independent.

Learn About Our Partners

As a member of Synergy, you benefit from exclusive pricing and discounts with our wide range of services and high-quality dental suppliers.

Supplier Partners

We have a relationship with a broad spectrum of low-priced dental suppliers, services and dental laboratories to get you what you need at a reduced rate.

Dental Supply Partners

Our dental supply partners provide solutions for everything you need to provide first-rate patient care in a clinical setting. Our well-respected industry partners include:

Dental Lab Partners

Creating custom patient solutions requires precision, training and the right equipment. Many dental practices outsource lab work rather than invest in an in-house setup. Synergy built an extensive network of high-quality lab partners to bring you well-engineered products for an ideal fit.

Find favorable pricing among our dental lab partners, including:

Office Supply and Administrative Service Partners

The benefits of being a Synergy member extend to more than dental supplies. Choosing us as your GPO means you also receive preferred pricing on other elements that make your practice run smoothly and stay profitable.

Get discounts, promotions and exclusive offers on critical supplies with our administrative service partners.

Preferred Brands

With Synergy Preferred Brands, individual dentists access promotions and savings as a result of our direct negotiation. Shop at a discount with our preferred brands as an added value to your membership.

Explore What Synergy Can Do for Your Practice

We proudly serve more than 4,500 practices across all 50 states. Our members enjoy discounts of up to 60%, and we’ve saved them an estimated $20 million over the last decade.

Find out how we can help you stay independent while benefitting from deeply discounted pricing. Contact a representative at 888-294-3588 or submit an online request for more information today.