Vista Apex is a market leader in Endodontic and Restorative solutions. Vista Dental, having been a market leader in Endodontic Solutions was looking to apply their chemical and biomedical expertise to its restorative line. With the acquisition of Apex Dental Materials, an innovation powerhouse was formed. Together, the Vista Apex team has a passion for being a trusted partner who provides quality solutions for our Clinicians.

Their Product Development team has over a century of combined biomedical, chemical engineering and Dental Industry experience. Their mission is working with and innovating for Clinicians, to achieve better patient outcomes.

They are guided by our four pillars of innovation.

  • Clinician Involvement – Partnering with respected Clinicians is at the forefront of the Vista Apex Innovation strategy. Their Chief Dental Officer has partnered with some of the brightest clinicians in Dentistry to create a Clinical Advisory Panel that helps steer their innovation pipeline.
  • Operational Excellence – Their relentless pursuit of Operational Excellence positions Vista Apex to harness the power of agile product development and ensure optimal quality standards.
  • Industry Expertise – Backed by over a century of combined success in the Dental Industry, their team is poised to understand your needs as they evolve.
  • Quality Engineering – From product design to distribution, quality engineering is at the core of their business. Their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to constant improvement create an environment for superior results.

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