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Our unique partnership allows you to have Swiss quality at an affordable price

The team at Thommen Medical recognizes that clinicians with a higher clinical standard deserve a partner as committed as they are to implant dentistry and their patients. At Thommen, they apply their heritage of Swiss innovation and precision to one–and only one–area of focused expertise: implant dentistry.  They share their clinicians’ high clinical standards and support them as a partner in their pursuit of clinical excellence, lifetime implant performance, and a successful practice.

With a long-term view of clinical success, their product development is driven by science, not trends.  They deliver a single, comprehensive implant system, based on a unique, proven design. They support clinicians with personalized service from an agile team of people who are experts in implant dentistry and are dedicated to this field.  They aspire to be a trusted adviser and are driven by the knowledge that their actions can impact their partners’ clinical success, reputation, and practice.

Easy and convenient ways to contact Thommen:
Contact Theresa Mckee in Customer Support:
866-319-9800 x 1509

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Join Synergy and start saving by ordering directly through Thommen Medical USA LLC:

1375 Euclid Ave, Suite #450
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