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Average savings of 35%

In partnership with Dental Card Services Alliance, Synergy Dental Partners is able to provide dentists with access to low cost credit card processing, pin-based debit, as well as electronic check guarantee and conversion services.

Dental Card Services is endorsed by AzDA Services, the for profit subsidiary of the Arizona Dental Association, and serves dentists in over 30 states through distinctive dental alliances and associations. It is a national company that is 100% focused on the dental community, and all of its member dentists qualify for Interchange Cost Plus pricing programs (the same type of programs the major retailers utilize). Dental Card Services is able to leverage its unique customer insight and in-depth industry knowledge to provide Synergy Dental Partners members with exceptional value, service, and transparency through Synergy Card Services.

The average Dental Card Services member saves $3,191 a year with annual savings ranging from a few hundred dollars to over $30,000 a year depending upon the size of their practice and the pricing of the prior program.

Whether your practice processes less than $10,000 a month or more than $200,000, all members receive the exact same program (Dental Card Services does not need to see your statement to determine your “price”).

If you would like to participate in this program and/or would like to receive a complementary detailed analysis to determine your actual savings level, please email With lifetime customer retention greater than 99% at Dental Card Services, we are confident you will be pleased with Synergy Card Services


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