Kelly Schwartz of Schwartz Consulting Group, Inc. has the expertise and knowledge that enables him to adapt to the individuality of each dental practice. His degree in business from Ferris State University and 28+ years of experience  have assisted Mr. Schwartz in developing the skills, ideas, systems and concepts that are now utilized by over 750 dental professionals nationwide. Kelly Schwartz offers a diverse, comprehensive and customized coaching program that is guaranteed to get results.

For example, in 2022, practices that worked with Schwartz Consulting Group:

  • Had an average increase in production of $346,000
  • Had an average increase in collections of $307,000
  • Had an average  51% $ presented to accepted rate
  • Had an average patient acceptance rate of 80.8%

After a series of initial evaluations and consultations, a customized doctor business coaching program will be developed for your practice. Training dates will be set for Mr. Schwartz to come to your office and begin implementation of your customized Doctor Business Coaching Program. The in-office coaching program is to personally train and implement the systems, which may include:

  • Recall
  • Goal Setting and Accountability
  • Job Stewardship
  • Bonus Systems and Team Building
  • Case Presentation and Verbal Skills
  • Scheduling Concepts
  • Delayed Treatment Systems
  • Reducing Accounts Receivable
  • Cancellation and No Show Systems
  • Financial Agreements and Options for Patients
  • Marketing Training for the Team

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