For almost 75 years, Parkell has been designing and manufacturing innovative, premium quality, and internationally recognized dental materials and equipment, with predominately all activities proudly being performed in the United States on Long Island, New York.

Parkell has a diverse and robust variety of product offerings, with advanced dental materials and devices.

Their innovative dental materials include the Predicta® Bioactive family of restoratives, Predicta® Bioactive Desensitizer (which works to restore and desensitize teeth the natural way), Blu-Mousse® Bite Registration, Dryz® Gingival Retraction Paste, Brush&Bond® Bonding System, C&B Metabond® Catalyst and Adhesive Cement, Cinch® Impression Materials, SNAP® Self-Cure Resin, SmarTemp® Temporary Crown and Bridge materials, and many more.

Their dental devices have been first-in-class for quality for decades, and includes the TurboSensor® Ultrasonic Scaler, the Digitest®3 Pulp Vitality Tester, the Sensimatic® 700SE Electrosurge, and more. Parkell’s products are sold in over 60 countries through an extensive network of distributors, as well as their European subsidiary (Parkell Europe AB).


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