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Synergy has entered into a new partnership with a leading handpiece company, NSK Dental. This will give our members the opportunity to receive Synergy-specific promotions on NSK products, as well as the opportunity to earn a rebate on authorized NSK purchases.

This is how it works:

  • Synergy members will receive quarterly promotions from NSK Dental. These promotions should be more beneficial to our members than any promotions available to the general public.
  • Synergy doctors can take advantage of NSK Dental’s general promotions but offers cannot be combined.
  • NSK Dental will provide a worry-free warranty on member sales and will provide product support by its national representatives.
  • Synergy members must enroll in the rebate program to be eligible to earn rebate dollars.
  • If you are a multi-office practice, each office has to enroll in the rebate program to be eligible to receive rebate credit on purchases made.
  • For orders placed through Darby Dental Supply, enrolled offices automatically receive rebate credit for NSK purchases. Enrolled offices also receive Synergy-Darby pricing.
  • For orders placed though any other authorized distributor, office must submit highlighted invoices of NSK purchases to info@thesynergydp.com.
  • Rebate will be paid annually and based on member purchases.
  • Enrolled offices may not participate in other NSK Dental pricing/rebate programs in order to be eligible for this program.

*Disclaimer: There are 2 open enrollment periods, January and July. Synergy members who do not order NSK Dental products through Darby Dental Supply must submit their invoice to info@thesynergydp.com for rebate credit. The NSK Dental products must be highlighted on the invoice.

How to Get Started

Join Synergy and give us a call today to see how we’ll build you your very own pipeline to new patients.