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Preferred Rate for Synergy Dental Partners Members

We’re giving your dental practice something to smile about.

Moolah is modernizing payments for dental practices by offering integration with leading dental solutions, a FREE wireless smart terminal, a single flat rate, and no monthly fees or contracts.

Every account includes:

• Simple Flat Pricing
• Instant Account Activation
• FREE Poynt Smart Wireless Terminal
• Open Dental Integration
• Next-Day Deposits
• FREE PCI Compliance

Meet Bridge.
A full-stack payment platform for Open Dental.

Process payments to your Poynt terminal(s), create automatic payment plans, manage your in-house memberships, and collect outstanding balances by text, email, or directly through your website. All payments post to Open Dental automagically!

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No monthly or annual fees, no equipment or software to buy, cancel anytime.

Preferred Rate for Synergy Dental Partner Members.
2.69% + $0.29

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