Got Scrap?
Don’t lose money by accepting cash on the spot. Get more for your scrap –
skip the middleman and refine direct with Kulzer, one of the world’s largest refiners.

Why Refine with Kulzer?

• Higher Profits – Synergy members earn an even greater return on every scrap shipment
• No Cost to You – We cover all materials and shipping costs
• Autoship Program – Automates your refining process
• Full Assay Report – Detailed scrap value report provided
• No middleman – Come straight to the end refiner
• No Hidden Fees – Transparent, easy-to-follow fee structure
• Payout – In only 7-10 business days

How to remit precious scrap metal:

  1. Collect all precious metal scrap, crowns and bridges, and any metal that is extracted from the mouth. Please note Kulzer does not pay out on amalgam, mercury, X-ray film, lead foil or any dental tools used in the exam room.
  2. Place scrap in the receptacle supplied in the box from Kulzer.
  3. Complete the acknowledgement form in the box. Please put in SDP on salesman line .
  4. Check off box to receive an additional box with the acknowledgement.
  5. Place receptacle containing the scrap into the box with the acknowledgement. Please keep a copy for your records.
  6. Securely seal the box and affix the pre-paid label on top of the box.
  7. Schedule a pickup with UPS or give to your driver during a regularly scheduled pickup.
  8. Kulzer will issue payment via check directly to the Practice name or DDS along with a complete 4 Element (Gold, Platinum, Palladium & Silver) assay report.

A Kulzer Representative will be available upon request if you and/or your staff have questions about this process.

Please visit for tips and tricks and to order additional scrap materials.

Join Synergy and start earning an even greater return when you work with Kulzer Refining.