GC America Inc. is a leading private manufacturer of professional consumable dental care products and one of the fastest growing dental companies in the world.  Founded in 1992, they are the wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of GC Corporation, the world’s fourth-largest professional dental consumables manufacturer, which has been based in Tokyo, Japan since it was founded in 1921. They dedicate themselves to customer needs and deliver the highest quality products because their cross-cultural corporate identity is grounded in a unique philosophy called “Semui,” a Japanese term drawn from ancient Buddhist teachings that means to put the needs of others ahead of one’s own.

A 2014 recipient of the Deming Prize for total quality management (TQM), GC America is the first U.S. dental company and only the fourth company in the country to earn one of the world’s oldest and most widely recognized total quality awards.

Through dentists, technicians, hygienists and other dental professionals around the world, GC’s quality dental care products make a major contribution to people’s health. As a dental product manufacturer of global standing, GC Corporation constantly seeks to produce original products that are environmentally friendly as well as patient friendly and going a step ahead of patient’s needs, while at the same time taking great care to minimize the impact of manufacturing processes on the environment. With an outstanding range of some 600 different excellent product types marketed in over 100 countries, GC is helping to maintain the health of people the world over.


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