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Crosstex was founded as a disposable towel/bib manufacturer and has steadily grown to become one of the world’s leading infection prevention and control entities. The company is a recognized leader for its portfolio of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Dental Unit Waterline Treatments, Chemistries, Sterilization, Preventives, Nitrous-Oxide Equipment, and Single-Use Disposable products. Synergy members receive promotions on Crosstex products, as well as the opportunity to earn a rebate on authorized Crosstex purchases.

What is the Synergy-Crosstex rebate program?

  • Enrolled offices receive rebate credit for Crosstex purchases made through any authorized distributor.  If you are a multi-office practice, each office has to enroll in the rebate program to be eligible to receive rebate credit on purchases made.
  • For orders placed through Darby Dental Supply, enrolled offices automatically receive rebate credit for Crosstex purchases.
  • For orders placed though any other authorized distributor, office must submit highlighted invoices of Crosstex purchases to
  • Free goods offers are back.  Free goods are distributor specific.
  • Quarterly promotional opportunities will be available.
  • Enrolled offices may not participate in other Crosstex pricing/rebate programs in order to be eligible for this rebate program.

* Disclaimer: There are 2 open enrollment periods, January and July. Synergy members may also enroll by Oct. 31, 2019 and become eligible. Synergy members who do not order Crosstex products through Darby Dental Supply must submit their invoice to for rebate credit. The Crosstex products must be highlighted on the invoice.

How to Get Started

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