Why Aurelia® Gloves?

Aurelia® Gloves is a division of Supermax Healthcare, one of the largest glove manufacturers in the world. Aurelia® Gloves has been the preferred provider of examination gloves in the North American market since 2000. Their extensive portfolio of innovative Nitrile and Latext gloves are trusted and recognized by healthcare professionals around the world.


What is the preferred brands program?

Synergy members will receive an additional discount off their already reduced priving when they order Aurelia® Gloves through Darby Dental Supply.

Members participating in the SPB program will not be eligible for free goods offers from Aurelia.

Aurelia Gloves Boxes

How do you participate?

Order Aurelia® Gloves through Darby Dental Supply.

Synergy is committed to helping preserve the independent dental practitioner, and we are very excited about Aurelia Gloves as a preferred brands partner.