The Power of Together

Synergy Dental Partners is a group purchasing organization that helps independent dental practitioners save money on the products, supplies and services that they use everyday.

Synergy started because as dentists ourselves, we understand the fragmented nature of dentistry, one in which independent practitioners do not have access to the pricing and costs savings available to large practice groups, corporate dentistry or DSO’s. By leveraging group purchasing power, smaller independent practitioners can band together to achieve cost savings and help level the playing field while maintaining their independence.

That was in 2010, and almost a decade later, we are proud to say we have helped the thousands of Synergy members nationwide save millions of dollars.

Joining our network is easy and the discounts on dental products and services will come at no additional cost. The only thing you have to lose are savings.

So enroll today and join us in helping preserve the independent dental practitioner.

At Synergy we believe that everything is easier with a partner.



Joining is easy and the discounts on dental products will come at no additional cost.


Member professionals will have access to the same materials they currently use and at discounted prices.


Synergy will continually be negotiating discounts on other dental products practitioners use on a day to day basis.


Members will receive discounts on these dental products after registering with Synergy.

Put Your Practice on the Map

Your membership is key to creating a successful opportunity for your practice and Synergy as a whole.

Our network also includes offices in Canada, Puerto Rico, Bermuda and DC

Maximize your advantage, maintain your autonomy.