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3M Synergy Growth Rebate Program

We all use 3M in our practices, from fluoride varnish to cements, bonding agents and composites to temporary and impression materials. And with that in mind, Synergy Dental Partners is part of a new Growth Rebate Program with 3M. Synergy members will have the opportunity to earn rebate dollars and save through quarterly promotions.

This is how it works:

  • Synergy will receive an overall growth based rebate from 3M based on member purchases.
  • Rebate is based on total Synergy member annual purchases. The more 3M products that our group purchases, the greater the rebate will be.
  • When purchases by our members grow over the previous year, 3M provides Synergy a growth-based rebate.
  • Offices will receive rebates from Synergy based on their percentage of the overall Synergy purchases.
  • Synergy members also receive special quarterly promotions from 3M.
  • Enrolled offices have the opportunity to receive a rebate on 3M purchases made through Darby Dental Supply or any other authorized distributor that Synergy Dental Partners has a relationship with. For questions about those distributors, email info@thesynergydp.com.
  • If you are a multi-office practice, each office has to enroll in the rebate program to be eligible for the rebate opportunity.


Disclaimer: There are 2 open enrollment periods, January and July. Synergy members who do not order 3M products through Darby Dental Supply should email info@thesynergydp.com to inquire if their purchase will be eligible for the rebate program.